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Web3 businesses, venture capitalists, marketing agencies, and communities can use Octan to:


Gain valuable data-driven insights from on-chain transactions through quantification and visualization.


Enhance the organization's credibility and visibility by leveraging reputation scores.


Explore market trends by analyzing community movements and user behaviors.


Access reputation ranking lists and reports that are useful for strategic decision-making.

Identify potential influencers, advocates, partnership opportunities and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Octan's target market?

Octan serves businesses, organizations, and individuals in the Web3 ecosystem who want to improve their reputation scores, gain insights, and enhance their competitive position.

How does Octan serve its clients?

Octan provides reputation analysis and insights for Web3 clients. Our products collect on-chain data, compute reputation scores using advanced algorithms, and provide dashboards and reports for analysis. This empowers clients to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.

How does Octan ensure reputation score accuracy?

Octan employs advanced mathematical algorithms to accurately calculate the reputation scores of users and entities in the Web3 ecosystem. Additionally, Octan provides validation reports and case studies to ensure accuracy.

How does Octan differentiate itself from competitors?

Octan goes beyond traditional analysis solely based on cash flow or other financial aspects by prioritizing reputation ranking. Our innovative approach to reputation ranking allows users to make more informed decisions and sets us apart from competitors who do not prioritize this aspect of the industry.

How does Octan handle privacy and security?

Octan values privacy and security, utilizing encryption, credential proof, and best practices to ensure confidentiality. Users have control over their data and can manage privacy settings.

Is Octan a social platform?

Octan is an analytics platform, not a social platform. It serves as a tool for users to deepen their understanding of Web3 and increase interrelationships.