About us

At Octan Network, our mission is to establish Trust and Credibility for organizations and individuals in the Web3 space

We aim to achieve this by leveraging innovative technologies and solutions that promote trustworthiness and transparency among all participants in the ecosystem

Founder Story

Paven Do is a blockchain industry entrepreneur, scientist, and developer with experience in cryptocurrencies and extensive research on blockchain technology. As a PhD candidate at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, he published three blockchain research articles at international academic conferences and reputable journals, collaborating with blockchain scientists in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, and the USA. 

In 2020, he formed a team to develop blockchain-based applications and co-founded Spores Network in 2021, where he served as CTO and released a multi-chain NFT marketplace and Web3 gaming launchpad on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. In early 2022, he took on the role of Head of Development at FPT Blockchain Labs, where he is leading the development of an enterprise blockchain platform for domestic banking and financial services in Vietnam.

Paven and his team have experience building and customizing several layer-1 frameworks (EOS, Tron, and Avalanche), developing cross-chain bridges and non-custodial crypto wallets.

We, Octan Labs, published and presented a research paper on Proof of Reputation at the ACM conference in Okinawa, Japan.

We won the Octopus Star Prize and were recognized as a Top 20 Web3 project, while also receiving a grant from Dfinity. Moreover, we successfully demonstrated our reputation ranking and SBT technology.

We published a research paper on PageRank and HodgeRank on Ethereum transactions and launched our beta mainnet on BNB Chain. This marks an important step for our company as we bring our technology to the market for the first time.

Our philosophies

Octan Labs completely believes in the bright future of the decentralized Internet (Web3) based on blockchain technology and token economics, which is built for and because of community, owned by users, and governed by community. 

In our view, Web3 should fundamentally allow people to build social structures (property rights, identity, and governance) similarly to the real world (democracy rather than dictatorship). Therefore, it should provide property rights to people, ownership and governance voting to communities and societies, self-sovereignty of identity and social reputation to individuals, and open and inclusive finance to everyone, without any single failure. 

We are trying our best to dedicate our building blocks in the Web3 space through our innovation in Reputation Ranking.

Our values

On-going Innovation: Octan constantly pushes boundaries in Web3 through creativity and development of cutting-edge solutions that meet evolving needs of clients and industry.

Customer focus: Octan prioritizes customer satisfaction by anticipating and addressing clients’ needs.

Transparency: Octan values transparency by providing visibility into all aspects of our business.

Agility: Octan is adaptable and constantly improving to stay ahead in the rapidly-evolving Web3 space.

Nurturing: Octan is dedicated to supporting the growth of the Web3 ecosystem and empowering users and businesses to succeed.

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